Another joint trip out to the apiary to pile on more boxes and reap the rewards of the blackberry flow.

Removed the last of the sugar-water feeders. Finally!

Looks like M2 is going to swarm soon. I could intervene, but it’s choc full of bees. So, I culled all but three of the nicest swarm cells (all on one frame) to minimize afterswarms. We’ll just contribute to the feral bee population in the park. There should be some nice hollow trees down near the river.

Patti’s foundationless frames are looking lovely, albeit a bit droney.

Foundationless Frame

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Summer Came Overnight

It appears summer is finally here, blackberries and all. Removed the feeders from most of the hives today.

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Sunny Morning

Finally a nice sunny morning to go out and top off the feeders. With all the cold rainy weather they have used up their stores and need feeding. Looks like a couple of sunny days is about all we need to start the blackberry flow.

Blackberries ready to pop

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I arrived at the apiary at noon in a solid drizzle, but the sun broke out as soon as I suited up. As I entered the bee yard, I was startled by two mule deer, a female and a juvenile, emerging from the woods. We stared at each other from about 20 feet away, and then I went to work checking out the insect girls. Meanwhile, the ungulate girls calmly observed me and browsed for about 15 min before ambling off.

Oh, the bees: low activity that increased as the sun lingered, lots of drinking going on in an upturned jar lid. Far less pollen coming than last week, but we hope this will change as the weather improves in the coming days.

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Package Installation Day

Hives are in and packages installed.  7 new colonies of bees at meadowbrook.

Shaking in bees

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Ground Cover

Landscape fabric and hog fuel are in. Time to start schlepping all the equipment over.

I love the smell of hog fuel in the morning

Someone really got all of a Titleist 5. I found it on the road near the apiary.

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Bear fence and equipment

The bear fence is in, and two empty hives got moved on site over the weekend.

It’s a start.

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